When choosing a domain name, think about how you want to be identified on the web. This is your identity on the internet. It’s much like your company name. It has to be easy to remember and it has fit your brand. Your domain name also affects your Lakeland website design, so it is important to consider many factors before purchasing your domain name.

Make It Easy To Type

Try not to use words that are hard to spell or have a variety of spelling such as u for you or express for xpress or xmas for Christmas. It will be hard for your customers to type your domain name on the web address window if you use a different spelling than the others they are accustomed to.

Keep It Short And Simple

A domain name has to be 15 characters or less. That will be easy for your customers to remember. If the domain name is too complex, your customers may misspell or mistype it.

Use Keywords In The Domain

What is your business all about? Search for the proper keyword related to your business and use that keyword on your domain name. This helps improve the ranking of your website in search engines such as Google and Bing. Also, it makes more sense for your customers if what you’re selling is part of your domain name.

Consider Going Local

If your business is local, try to integrate the city or location in the domain name. For example, you’re a dentist in Lakeland, Florida. You can use Lakelanddentist as your domain name. Or, you can find an extension that’s geographically related to your business. For example, you can use .boston for Boston-based businesses.

Avoid Numbers and Hyphens

People end to misunderstand numbers. They don’t know if you’re using a numeral or you spelled out the number. If you used a hyphen, they might forget to type it. If you want to make sure every variation of the domain name will lead to your website, you can buy all variations and extensions.

Make It Memorable

There are millions of domain names on the internet. You have to make yours unique and memorable for people to remember it. The name has to stick to your audience, so they won’t forget about your Lakeland website design. Once you choose a domain name, share it with others and see how they will react to it.