Many businesses fail to update or invest in their Tampa web design. They become so invested in their social media profiles because those are free and easier to manage. They overlook the fact that people measure the legitimacy of a business through the presence of a professionally-designed website. Without a great website, you are limiting the opportunities open to your business. Remember that your website is more than just a place where your customers can find your contact details. It must do more than just that.

Less Conversion and Engagement

Although there is a lot of engagement on social media between customers and businesses, the website is another platform where this engagement can convert to sales. When the conversation happens on social media, the engagement is one step away from the actual website where the sale happens. The social media manager has to lead customers to the website to make a purchase. Do you know how hard is it to push customers to click on a URL link? Most of them ignore the link and continue asking more questions.

Your website should do its part in attracting customers and making sales. A great-designed website can close deals and process transactions. This is an opportunity that no business can miss.

Less Brand Representation

A social media page cannot be customized according to your brand. You can use the logo and the colors on the profile picture and cover photo but that’s all you can do on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. What can truly represent your brand is a website. You can use the same font style, color schemes, and design elements on the website as you use them on your printed promotional materials. This creates a cohesiveness and balance in your brand.

Not a Great SEO Ranker

There is still no clear evidence on the effect of social media on SEO ranking. Google’s not very clear with its rules regarding social media mentions, though many believe it has almost the same effect as the keywords used on blog articles posted on one’s website. But pending proper rules and regulations, you should consider blog articles and website materials to be the best SEO-ranking component. A good Tampa web design will help your site rank better on search engine results. That means more visits from potential customers and more opportunities to convert these visits into sales.

So whenever you think your website has got nothing to do with how your business is faring in the real world, think again. It has so much more to do with your business’ success than you realize.