Just how important is the Orlando web design to the decision of online buyers to put items into their baskets? A study found that more than 61% of online consumers will leave an online shop and go to its competitor if they have problems using and navigating the said website. Because technology has improved drastically in the past years, this also means that consumers are more demanding and have high expectations from online retailers.

The thing is that you cannot be complacent when it comes to your website’s design. Sure, you have a good one now, but is it still good next year? Or even the month after this? Orlando web design is a never-ending project. This means that people are going to want your website to look its best and follow appropriate trends all the time. Yes, your consumers are that demanding.


Let’s talk about speed for a moment. You are surely aware that your website only has about five seconds to load before your clients go to another website? If your site does not load within those five seconds, you will lose your biggest opportunity to impress your clients. The emphasis on speed is especially important because buyers are using their smartphones to transact with online stores.

What does this mean? It means they are on the go. It means that they are looking for the fastest way to check out items from their cart. If your web design is preventing your customers from easily checking out their purchases, they might walk away from your site or if they managed to make the purchase, they will never return to make another one again.


Back in 2018, 46% of holiday purchases happened online. That’s a huge number and it will continue to rise in the years to come. For online retailers, this puts them in a precarious situation. It is easier to buy stuff from your laptops. It is easier to open browsers and click on links on your laptops, but people aren’t doing this because they are constantly moving. Instead, they shop through their mobile phones. That’s why your store’s web design matters. Your consumers must be so impressed by your Orlando web design that they will decide to come back to your website to purchase more items.

For this to happen, your website must have the same navigational and search functions as non-mobile retail websites. It must be easy for them to find what they are looking for on a particular website. Otherwise, it is also easy for them to close the browser and move on to the next website.