Every business’ worst nightmare is to have an unresponsive Tampa web design in the middle of the night. How are you supposed to fix this mess? People are actually shopping online at 3 AM. Yes, some people browse the internet to do retail therapy at that time. Though this isn’t exactly a big percentage of your market, it still shows unprofessionalism if your website is suddenly a mess.

All pages on your website should work 100% at all times. There should never be a second when customers will scratch their heads in frustration because they couldn’t find what they are looking for on your website. But in the event of a problem, this is where you need a 24/7 maintenance guy to solve the issue. You need someone who can immediately attend to the problem and have your website back and running once more.

Can you imagine the frustration that this will cause you the moment you wake up and found out your website isn’t working? The most important piece of advice you can get is not to panic. There is no reason for you to get angry at your tech guys. These things happen all the time and for no apparent reason. Sometimes, it’s a simple bug that anyone can detect and remove. Other times, the reasons are more complicated for a layman to understand.

What Happens to Your Customers?

Anyone who cannot access your website conveniently and comfortably will simply move on to another site, one whose business runs similar to yours. While this is a cause for concern because you lost a valuable customer, it shouldn’t lead you to outright panic. Instead, reach out to the customers who visited your site when it was down. Did they leave a message? Explain to them what happened and assure them that you’re doing your best to solve the problem. Offer them an incentive so they’ll come back and check out your offers again.

Then, contact your tech guys and figure out how this became possible. Don’t you have enough firewall? Did someone hack into the system? Why was the system vulnerable?

After making sure that the Tampa web design is up and running again, what you should do next is to ensure that this will never happen again. If you have to do site maintenance and close the site temporarily, then make sure your customers know what’s up. Assure them that you’re doing this to provide better services and user experience.