Artificial intelligence (AI) is already taking over a lot of jobs in many industries. People frown at it because it’s taking away their jobs. But if you’re in the Lakeland internet marketing industry, you’ll only have all the positive reasons to be excited about the emergence of AI. This is more than just a passing trend. AI will be here to stay long after all the digital marketing strategies we know now are passé.

AI is the biggest commercial opportunity for many businesses on the internet. Whereas before you have to hire someone to manage your social media accounts, answer inquiries, and accept orders, now AI has given you a better option. With the power of technology, your business will save on operational and logistics costs. That’s more than what other marketing trends can offer you.

Those who fail to use AI on their business will stand to lose opportunities to profit. According to a survey, 84% of respondents agree that AI is making businesses more competitive while 75% believe that it will allow the entry of new businesses and organizations. Some 63% also said that businesses will be forced to adopt AI technology because it can reduce cost while 61% expect suppliers to offer AI-driven products and services.

Analyzing Customer Behavior

One of the best things that AI can do is analyze customer preferences based on their behavior on the website and various social media platforms. They look at buying patterns to help businesses understand what drives their target market. The fact that customers are more open to interacting with AI technology such as chatbots also helps businesses produce better Lakeland internet marketing campaigns.

Recommending Products to Customers

Based on the analysis of the customers’ behavior, the chatbots can recommend products and services. So, AI does not only help operate the business, but it is also a marketing tool that can persuade customers to pay for your products and services. And the kind of products that these chatbots will recommend also depend on the consumers’ purchase history.

Processing eCommerce Transactions

There’s nothing more annoying for customers than waiting for your customer representative to answer their queries or process their transactions. With the help of AI, that can be a thing of the past. Chatbots can now accept payments through various payment channels.

Whether it’s your PayPal account or credit card, chatbots can now process those with ease. These are the benefits that a business can get by integrating artificial intelligence into its Lakeland internet marketing campaigns.