For your website to grow and your Lakeland SEO to improve, you need a lot of new content that focuses on certain keywords and phrases that your intended audience is searching for. Sounds pretty confusing, right? So, here’s a simple way to better understand it: you need new ideas for new content so your website will rank higher on Google’s search results. Better, right?

The key to fresh content is ideation. It is a process of generation, developing, and communicating ideas through brainstorming, sketching, and prototyping. The process involves relating ideas to the main topic. This is a good way to get fresh ideas about what to write about.

Take for example the topic of beauty regimen. A lot of things have already been written about beauty regimen. You’ll find all of them on the internet. You’ll read a lot about the benefits, the pros and cons, the challenges, etc. What else should you talk about if you really need to write about beauty regimen? This is where ideation comes in.

Take a piece of paper and write down the topic you need fresh ideas for. Now, branch out and think of things related to that topic. Form each of the idea that’s connected to the main topic, branch out again and put more topics that relate to the secondary topic. This process will give you an insight on how topics on the web are interconnected; on how one idea can branch out and transform into an avalanche of fresh angles and undiscussed topics.

The process of ideation is good for Lakeland SEO because it helps any content creator to whip up blog posts that are unique and unlike anything the readers have seen on the internet. Again, topics on beauty regimen have been written about millions of times.

There are literally thousands of pages on Google dedicated to beauty treatments, skin-care routines, and cosmetic products. If you will write about the same things, no one’s going to notice your site and it will take a miracle for your website to earn a mention on Google’s first-page results.

If you are brainstorming with members of a content creation team for your Lakeland SEO, it’s best to let them draw up their own ideas first before sharing these ideas to the rest of the group. This way, you can compare, contrast, and eliminate duplicated ideas. This will streamline the process of thinking about topics to write about, which is the step that takes much of any writer’s time.