fontsAren’t we all guilty of downloading beautiful fonts that we have no idea how to use? At the end of the day, when we’re doing reports for work or school, we want a simple font style–one that can convey your message clearly. That is the same logic we must be employing when it comes to Lakeland website design.Here are some reasons why font style and size are important:

Fonts help emphasize the importance of your message

Fonts used in website designing have purposes. You think these were just chosen by web designers because they look good? Nope. Every font style and size has a purpose. The bigger the font is, the more important it is, content-wise. It’s color can also attract the attention of web visitors.

A text body is usually written in all-black color, while the keywords and key phrases will either be bold, in a different color, underlined or italicized. Doing so increases the chances of that word or phrase being noticed by the reader.

Fonts give your website character

If your company sells cosmetics for girls, chances are your website will have shades of pink and will use fun and girly fonts, right? At the same time, serious websites about real estate companies, for example, will use the more basic font face.

Your choice of fonts will give character to your website. Before choosing one, you have to review the core of your website strategy–what you’re aiming for and how it will be best represented by your website.

Fonts can make or break your brand

Can you imagine Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Adidas and Google using a different font style for their logo? No, right? Fonts have the power to make or break a brand. Simply changing the typeface can modify the whole perception of your brand. So, be careful in choosing the right font style for your company. Too swirly, and it will be overreaching. Too serious, and it will be too boring. Find the balance and work around it.

Fonts help create a more balanced design

Combining standard fonts with stylized fonts can create a balanced but sophisticated feel to your Lakeland website design. The contrast will make for an attractive style, and it can also help highlight what part of the content is more important than the others.

Fonts are instrumental in communicating your website’s message to its visitors. There should be careful consideration in choosing the style, the size and the color of the fonts to be used. Make sure to work closely with your web designer.