It’s safe to say that a business’ online presence is even more important now than its offline presence. Imagine someone not liking your business’ Tampa web design. That’s the equivalent of a customer entering your physical store and walking out back again. It’s basically the customer saying “no way” to your business, though in virtual form. For many, these kinds of customers will never return to business again.

But before you sign up for any Tampa web design service, you have to learn the factors that you must consider when choosing a design for a website.


The most important design element of a website is its usability. What will be the customer’s experience while browsing the site? How usable is it for the customer? Not all business owners can understand how a website is being coded, so it’s important that the web designer and web developer can explain things more simply. You must be able to understand how the elements of the website can help your business succeed.


The website’s loading speed can make or break your company. Somehow, even with the advanced technology of today’s world, some websites are still unable to load that much faster. Customers, however, want web pages to load in three seconds or less. If not, these customers will just close the browser and move to another site. They will exit your website without any intention of returning again.


Of course, how your website looks to play a part in attracting customers. Generally, you only have about 10 seconds to impress the customers. If they aren’t impressed within 10 seconds, they will leave your site and never come back again. But remember, don’t overdo it with crazy images and color schemes just like what they do back in the 1990s. Make sure to have simple and decent-looking web pages.


Users are now very picky with the kind of content they absorb from websites. Even if your website has a great Tampa web design, functionality, and speed, customers are still going to look for relevant and well-written content. Unless you have compelling and engaging content on your website, your customers will not stay on your site to browse what you have there. Have a mix of video and written content on your website. Do you know that video content has exceeded 50 billion views per month?


At least 60% of web users say that if they visit a company’s website that does not respond well to mobile devices, they will immediately leave it for a better site. If your business doesn’t care about the site’s mobile responsiveness, then you could be losing on huge opportunities that should be coming your way. Make this a priority.