Lakeland web designIt’s easy to just defer to using Lakeland web design templates when you are not sure what to do with your websites. After all, these templates are ready to use and they are cheaper than having someone create a website from scratch. However, there are serious drawbacks to choosing templates over hiring a web designer who can create a website specific to your needs.

Despite all the benefits you have been hearing about templates, you should pause and think twice about how a template can affect the success and profitability of your website and thus, your company.


When you use a template, you become unoriginal. Many people are also using the same template as the one you used on your website. They are not unique or exclusive to your company. Your website will end up looking like the others that also chose that particular template. The only way you can somehow make it unique is if you personalize or customize it. However, this is still not a surefire way of getting an original website since many may still choose the same customization tools.


Every website has unique needs specific to what it is selling or offering. Although templates can be customized, there are definite limitations on it. This means that there is a certain point when the customization would stop. There are limits to the space and tweaking allowed. Besides, stretching the text or adding photos may change the layout of the template, especially if it’s not programmed to do so.

Required software

Some templates are easy to manage and to customize because it comes with a specific web management software like Microsoft Frontpage. However, others are more complex and require a certain knowledge of photo editing and website-building tools and coding. The examples of this are Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash, or HTML. Without these, you may not have the skills to customize, edit, or update the website. This will make it harder for you and the web developer.

Updates and compatibility

The good thing about choosing a template is that there will be a web developer who will release recent updates and bug fixes. However, once the developer stops updating the template and the theme, you will find it hard to look for bug fixes and continued support. Many developers leave their old templates behind because they created new ones already. As a web manager, you will find it hard to update or look for compatible fixes for your Lakeland web design template once the template developer has stopped releasing updates.