One of the most basic requirements that you need to get your Lakeland web design set up is the domain name that you will use for your website. This is something that you need to pay careful attention to, as your domain name will play an important role in your website’s branding.

This is why you cannot choose your domain name on a whim and that you should choose the right name. However, there are also some myths about domain names that can hurt your chances of getting the right name for your site. To help you out, here are some domain name myths for your Lakeland web design that are debunked.

Myth: You don’t need a .com for your domain

Many people will insist that you don’t need a .com for your domain name, and that any other extension will do just as well. In reality, websites that make use of any other extension other than .com do not see as many results as websites that do.

However, there are some instances where an alternative extension is fine. For example, .org is perfectly acceptable for websites that are non-profits. But if you are a traditional website, then it’s best for you to look for an alternative domain name so that you can still get the .com extension.

Myth: Your domain name needs to match your social media

You may think that you need to match your domain name to all of your social media profiles across all platforms. Keep in mind that this isn’t a requirement, as it greatly depends on how you choose to use your social media profiles.

Myth: You need to choose a domain name that is an exact match for your business name

Other people think that your domain name needs to be an exact match for your business name. While this would be ideal, keep in mind that with the millions of websites out there on the internet, the chances of you getting an exact match on your domain name is slim.

You have to learn how to be flexible with your choices and strategic enough with your marketing that you can still make your brand recognizable even with a domain name that is not an exact match for your business’s name.

There are plenty of considerations that you have to think about before you land on the right domain name for your Lakeland web design. What’s important is that you think carefully about how this domain name is going to affect your branding and marketing.