Being a solo Tampa web design professional can be challenging at times. Not only are you handling the work of a team by yourself or on a significantly smaller scale, but you also have to handle the client interactions yourself and deal with the specifics of project management.

One of the most important things that you need to plan out for the Tampa web design project is the definition of the project’s milestones. Not only is this important for the client’s payment schedule, but it also acts as a sort of tracker for the overall progress of the web design project, which makes it easier for you to break it down into parts. Read on to learn more about how to define the milestones in a web design project.


This is the first stage of any web design project. You cannot progress on to the next stage of your web design project without planning it out first. Make sure that you have the project planned out before you even begin working on it.


One the planning stage has been completed, the web design needs to be wireframed. This is the next milestone of your web design project because this is where you get the first look of the visuals of your web design in its most basic form.

Initial design

Once the wireframe has been approved, it’s time to move on to the next stage of your web design project, which is the initial design. This is where the visuals are created, which is the visual aspect of the website design.


Afterward, you have the milestone of the content creation. Keep in mind that there is no point to having a great visual design if you don’t have the content to go with it, so make sure that you take the time and resources to invest in good quality content.


Once the main pieces are in place for your Tampa web design, you might assume that it’s time for you to push out your website to your users. However, you have to make sure that you mark the milestone of testing out your website and its design before you push it to the public. The last thing that you want is to give your users an incomplete or buggy website.


Once everything is in place and everything has been thoroughly tested, it’s time for the final milestone of any web design project, which is the launch. Make sure that everything has been double-checked before you put out your website to the public.