People who think that the above-the-fold area on a webpage is still important put their call-to-action buttons on that part of the website. While the above-the-fold theory doesn’t hold as much truth as it did before, it is still an important component of Tampa web design. In fact, you may be getting it all wrong.

Because people think that web users don’t scroll down on a page anymore, they fill that top part of the page with everything they can think of—from engaging headlines to animations to call-to-action buttons. But it looks like this shouldn’t be the case. The top of the page is important, but it’s not the be-all and end-all of web design. You may actually be hurting your chances by putting your call-to-action in that area.

When you put the CTA above the fold, people aren’t ready yet to make a decision. After all, they’ve just opened your website and read the content. They are not fully convinced that they want to inquire, call, buy, or subscribe. The time they are on the site isn’t enough to make them want to take action.

What is, after all, on that part of your website? The best you can put there are the menu and the main photo and content. Aside from that, web users have to scroll down to find the meat of the website. How you are going to convince them will depend on what’s written further down the page. The top of the page is to hook them in, to make them want to scroll down further. But the content at the bottom of the page is what’s going to make them a customer.

That’s why experts agree that you shouldn’t put all your CTA on top of the page. No one in your web visitor will likely click on that or scroll up again after being convinced by the content at the bottom of the page. Studies found that web visitors are more engaged the farther down they scroll. They have more engagement with the web page already and by the time they reached the bottom of the page, they might be more thoroughly convinced that it is right to click that CTA button.

While you can put a CTA on top of the Tampa web design, it is also prudent to put several ones down the page. So if at any point your web visitors want to take any action, the CTA button is readily available for them.