For a long time, white background is the only way web designers are able to add empty spaces in their designs. Sure, some started adding darker elements into their Orlando web design but it wasn’t until last year that the dark mode trend took hold of the industry. In 2021 and beyond, dark mode is going to be the norm as it may even overtake white backgrounds in a minimalist theme.

Google has done incredible work in influencing how websites are designed. They introduced a dark mode toggle on their browser, Chrome. This means that those who’d like their screens to dark when visiting websites can simply turn this toggle on or off. More and more people are into using dark mode because it’s easier on the eyes. Plus, for web designers, visual elements tend to stand out under this mode.


Big brands like Apple and Hublot use dark mode for their websites. You have seen Apple’s homepage. Its products seem to pop out from the screen because of the use of dark mode. It adds elegance and a touch of modernity to any website. The dark mode also allows designers to play around with other visual elements such as the use of pastels and neon fonts—these are two of the biggest visual trends in 2020.

Battery Life

Treasured battery life is one of the main reasons why people love dark mode. Experts said that the dark mode stretches the phone’s battery life. This is such an important feature for many smartphone users, who need their phones not to die on them at least for 24 hours. But the truth is that even with the best batteries, phones easily need another charge because of the way we’ve been using them—social media, texts, calls, games, etc.


The dark mode is supposed to be good for our vision. It reduces blue light exposure. It is especially helpful for those who love to use their smartphones in the dark. If you love tinkering with your phone before bedtime, go dark mode as this will hurt the eyes less. You’ll notice that your eyes can last longer looking at your phone under the dark mode than it can when you’re using it with its regular light setting.

So, the use of dark mode has three important reasons: increased contrast for design elements, reduced blue light exposure, and better battery life. These alone are good reasons enough for your Orlando web design to have a dark mode.