locally focused websiteEven in the world of small business, a lot of entrepreneurs implement a “go big” strategy for their marketing endeavours, meaning they try to reach out to as many people as they can from all walks of life from different states. While putting maximum effort in your marketing strategy is always admirable, this isn’t the best way to go if you don’t have enough resources or manpower.

Reaching out to a large number of people on a national scale requires resources, hardwork and a lot of Internet skills–something not all small entrepreneurs have access to. While we understand the need to introduce your brand through huge social media marketing campaigns, you should also take a look at why locally-focused websites are more rewarding for your business.

Link with other locally-owned businesses

Instead of trying to compete with franchises and chain stores nationwide, try to focus on your target audience locally. If your business, for example, is located in Lakeland, why not partner with a locally focused website like the iCitySpy? Since Lakeland residents and tourists basically turn to iCitySpy for all the information they want–from restaurants to shopping to miscellaneous services–this can serve as a portal for you to introduce your business to your target audience.

Link building means you’ll host link to other businesses and in turn, they’ll extend the same courtesy to you. As long as none of these businesses are your direct competition, this is a good strategy for your prospective clients to get to know your business.

Use locally focused keywords in your content

While finding effective keywords for nationally focused web content can be a little difficult, the same cannot be said for locally focused keywords, which generally have higher success rate in terms of Google search rankings.

This is especially true if your business provides services or products that are unique to the area. If you have a pet shop in Lakeland, keywords such as “Lakeland pet store” or “Lakeland pet” can boost your search engine ranking.

That being said, make sure to write locally focused content, meaning featuring local businesses, landmarks, events and local issues. You can also tag photos and videos with the locations they are taken in. That will give a sense of personalization and familiarity to those living in your area.

Support local activities

If your business can manage it, it’s always good to give back to your community. Support local activities and events by sponsoring a Little League team, for example, so that you can be a part of the fabric of the local culture. This will build rapport with your target audience.