When you see companies improving their website with bots and posting thought-provoking memes to hook you into inquiring about their services, what you’re seeing is Lakeland internet marketing in the works. To say that digital marketing surrounds us is an understatement. It is a massive and complex industry that churned out exciting new channels to help build a brand and connect to people on a global scale. Some of the biggest brand we now consider household names wouldn’t be possible without digital marketing.

Still, like all things wonderful in the world, we tend to question the validity of some claims by marketers about internet marketing. We’re here to debunk some of these misconceptions and hopefully empower your decisions to produce Lakeland internet marketing campaigns.

Internet marketing only benefits small businesses

While this misconception is still around, you’ll notice that there are a lot of big companies investing in internet marketing. It benefits all kinds of businesses because you can directly reach out to consumers even without a business processing outsourcing involved. It cut costs because instead of hiring a whole team to make outbound calls to your target audience, you can use Facebook to post an ad and we all know everyone’s on Facebook, more or less. And even without a physical shop, you can sell to people across the globe.

Internet marketing does not care about content

There was a time when in order to rank high on Google’s search index, a website only needs to fill its pages with keywords, that is long gone. Google’s algorithm has changed and with it comes a wave of trends that intend to revolutionize the way we write content for the web. No longer is Google primarily focused on how many times a certain keyword is used on the post. Today, it looks for relevant content before it ranks a certain webpage.

Internet marketing is focused on websites alone

Websites are important because they are your business’ representation on the world wide web. But when it comes to Lakeland internet marketing, there are many channels that you can utilize to promote your business further. Social media is just one example. There’s also email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, search engine marketing, and many more.

Internet marketing is only for websites with huge traffic

An effective internet marketing strategy lies in the quality of the content and not on how many people visit your site every day. Though it helps to have huge traffic, Lakeland internet marketing is focused on attracting the target audience who are looking for the products and services that your business offers.