Lakeland web designEven if you already hired a web designer for your business website, it still helps if you are knowledgeable about how they are going to make the site look better. It’s absolutely important for a business owner to know the ins and outs of every promotional strategy that can help his business grow.While websites make up an important part of one’s marketing efforts, it can also be a little tricky to understand. For one, Lakeland web design is very technical. You don’t know exactly how it works to create traffic and there is no way to begin understanding the codes that make it up (unless you’re an IT expert, of course).

One important component of Lakeland web design is the fonts being used. Any self-respecting web designer knows fonts matter when it comes to making the website look better. But as a business owner, you should also realize that using the right fonts is essential to making the website more efficient.

Here is a little guide to understanding the basics of choosing the right fonts:

Learn the fundamentals

The safest font to choose when building a website is the sans serif. It’s professional, formal, clean and is easy to read. It has always been the dominant choice for web designers because it can be the basis for a well-thought of layout. In terms of readability, it is important to consider the space between the letters, the words, and the lines. Having a well-spaced content will allow for better readability. No one surely wants to strain their eyes because of trying to read your content.

Hyphenation is also an important component of typefaces. It can make or break a font type. Do you know that there are some good content out there that netizens don’t want to read at all because the punctuations confuse them?

Remember also to use only three types of fonts per page, unless you have a very good reason for using more.

Compatibility matters

Browsers are continually changing and web interface are being modified all the time. Some fonts, especially those unique and overly decorated ones, can be incompatible with new web browsers and interface. Make sure that when browsers are updated, you follow suit with your fonts. Otherwise, your pages will end up with a lot of circles and squares.

It is equally important to test the fonts in your mobile devices. Some fonts are easily readable on the desktop, but cannot be deciphered on the mobile version.

Opt for a web font service

There are services out there that can give you access to thousands of different fonts. For a minimal service fee, you can use these fonts on your web designs. The only downside is that they sometimes don’t allow the fonts to be used on printed materials.