Lakeland web designUsing sliders or not is a highly debatable topic among Lakeland web design companies. On one end, it creates a fluid, almost seamless transition for headlines and subtopics. On another, it’s annoying and visitors don’t know what to make of it. Let’s try to focus on the negative this time, and why (for the most part) sliders are actually bad for your website.If you want visitors to focus on the content and headlines on your homepage, there are many techniques and strategies to do so. You can use a larger font size. You can use bright colors. You can create a white space around the topic you want to focus on. There are thousands of ways to highlight the importance of one website element. It doesn’t have to be through the use of sliders.

Here is our case against sliders on website design:

Sliders are often ignored

Think of the sliders that you have encountered. Have you ever truly looked at them? Have you clicked a link that’s on one slide? Did you finish all the slides and waited for the one you want? If your answer is no to any of these questions, then it’s a good argument that sliders don’t have any goals on them. Or if they do, they have not been achieving them.

Most sliders are downright annoying. Yes, they feature great deals and topics. But they are gone in a blink of an eye, and you have to wait for the whole slide to finish before seeing that particular link you want to click on. It’s such a big waste of time, and most people don’t really like their time wasted when they’re browsing the internet. After all, the internet is for rapid transactions. Anything that drags it down is considered taboo.

Sliders have low click-through rates

It is safe to say that because it’s so difficult to “catch” a slide, visitors would most likely forget about clicking on a link a slide featured. They’ll simply look on another website or search Google if they really like the topic. It’s just too much work to wait even seconds to see the slide again. That results to very low click-through rates for the use of sliders on a Lakeland web design.

Sliders negatively impact your SEOs

Since there are low click-through rates, it also means that sliders are negatively impacting your SEOs. Visitors are not being directed to your site, and the use of keyword tools is downright useless if no one’s clicking on the links.