Do you remember how science-fiction movies used robots in their plotlines? Those stories are reserved for movies. Robots only exist in movies. Well, they aren’t walking in the streets with us just yet, but robots are ubiquitous in every household. We now have robot vacuums and a talking Bluetooth speaker telling us what the weather is like outside. These same robots can make strategizing for Lakeland internet marketing easier, too. They can create connections and attract the target audience while you’re out there doing some other tasks.

Think Siri on your iPhone and Alexa in your living room. These bots are making life too easy for us. We barely move a muscle now when we want to call someone. All we have to do is shout to our phone to “Call Anna” and we’ll have that conversation right away.

In terms of businesses, chatbots can also automate a huge part of the communication and marketing process. You can be online 24/7 without needing to hire someone to man the lines. You can make a sale while you’re sleeping because someone opened your site and talked with a bot. and yes, today, these robots can accept and transact payments.

Communicate With Web Visitors

The main use of chatbots is to communicate with web visitors. Your web visitors have questions and inquiries. They want these answered as soon as possible. The best person or program to do this would be a chatbot. This program can answer inquiries based on ready-made answers set by you. They can provide the information your web visitors need without you necessarily having to be online all the time.

Find Out What the Customer Wants

Through a set of pre-made questions, the chatbots can qualify leads for you. They can find out where the leads are in the sales funnel. What do they want? What do they need? What do they expect to find out from your company? While all of these are happening, the bot will contact you to let you know it’s near to closing a deal. That’s when you come in. People are still wary about dealing with chatbots when it comes to financial transactions. You can go online and close the deal with your customers.

Personalize Ads

A study found out that customers love personalized ads. In fact, 71% of them want ads tailored-fit to what they are looking for. A sure way for that to happen is to let the chatbot quiz a customer. The results will tell you what the customer wants to see. This is a great way to personalize and customize your Lakeland internet marketing strategy.