Google’s algorithm has become so intelligent this past decade that the shady techniques used before no longer work. If you’re still trying to beg and steal backlinks for your website, you should know by now that these could be hurting your Lakeland SEO than helping it. Unless you’re building backlinks through ethical and “white hat” methods, your website will not gain the ranking it should have.

Search engines see backlinks as affirmations that your website is legitimate. These backlinks are a vote of confidence in the quality of content that can be found on your website. if another site is willing to cite you as a source, effectively leading a web user to your website, then that means something, right? That’s how much value they see your content to direct their users away from their site and to yours.

The more websites you have leading to your pages, the better your ranking will be on search engines. But how exactly will you convince other websites to direct their web users to you? Fresh and valuable content isn’t enough. You need other smart and useful tactics.

Guest Posting

Guest posts have long been used as an effective backlink-generator. What happens is you will post as a guest on another one’s site. in exchange, your site’s link will appear on your bio or the content. But for a website owner to allow you to post on their site, you have to offer your expertise on a particular matter. Identify the sites to which you can contribute and offer to write content for it. Hopefully, your topics are good enough for the web owner to say yes.

Public Relations

PR is still an effective strategy in building a good relationship with members of your industry and your market. In the context of Lakeland SEO, PR means using the same techniques that PR experts use to get to the press. This means you should be cited in news articles. Connect to journalists, editors, and publications. If they so much as mention your name on their media outfit, use that to show your market that you’re an expert in this topic.

Broken Link

Even reputable sites suffer from broken backlinks. There are a couple of reasons for this: one, the original web page moved to another site; and two, the website has closed down. Many website owners don’t even notice they’re suffering from a 404 page error. That’s where you come in. Using a broken link tool, you can identify the web pages with broken backlinks and offer the web manager to change these links to one of your own.

These are three of the smartest way to improve your Lakeland SEO through backlinks. There are many more you can learn just by reading up as much as you can about backlinks.