It is no secret that mobile design and responsiveness are a crucial part of the Orlando web design industry. After all, mobile technology is on the rise, which means that mobile users now make up a majority of online users.

Because of this, you have to keep their needs in mind when developing your website. Mobile technology requires an online browsing experience that is optimized for being on-the-go, as our mobile devices have given us the full online experience, even while we’re constantly on the move.

You have to make sure that your Orlando web design reflects a positive experience for your mobile users, or else you end up losing a large part of your target demographic. To help you out with this, here are some of the best practices for developing a mobile-responsive website.

Keep in mind that mobile requirements are different than desktop ones

A long of people mistakenly believe that mobile design can use the same elements as the desktop version of the website. This results in mobile websites that can look great, but it does not come off well because of the limitations that the mobile platform has imposed on websites.

Always remember that mobile design will place more of an emphasis on the function and readability of a website, rather than the visual design, which is more of the forte of desktop websites. Mobile technology is designed to be used on-the-go, so mobile users don’t really care about the visual design of a website as long as they are able to consume the content that they are after in an efficient manner.

There are plenty of desktop elements that don’t work for mobile design, and you need to identify what these are so that you don’t end up using them in your mobile website.

Emphasis on optimization

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, you should always remember that mobile technology is designed to be used while the user is on the move. Because of this, you have to optimize your mobile website to be as fast-loading as possible for your mobile users.

Mobile users often make use of data for their mobile browsing, and websites that take up too much of this will end up frustrating them. Avoid auto-playing videos and large-sized images on your mobile Orlando web design to make your mobile sites as optimized as possible.

Understand the limitations of mobile

The biggest challenge for mobile design is the limitations that the smaller screen size imposes on its designers and developers. You have to always keep these limitations in mind when you’re designing your mobile websites in order to guarantee that your content can be viewed to its best capacity among different screens.