As businesses confront the ongoing fears and uncertainties about the coronavirus situation, it is also imperative for them to address the concerns raised by multiple sectors. Even in businesses that are purely online (meaning, involved in online retail), they must still address the concerns that their customers are having about transacting with them. That begins with their Tampa web design. It’s time to redesign the website and make sure that it conforms to what the people need to see today on their screens.


The colors of nature are green, brown, beige, tan, taupe, and blue. You can use these colors on your web design to provide a soothing and calming presence in the lives of your customers. Remember that every time they visit news websites and social media, they are bombarded by news about the coronavirus. While you should also include the current pandemic in your messages, you should stay away from colors that can antagonize them further.


Address the situation on your Tampa web design. There’s no use trying to deny what’s happening around you. Businesses like these cannot survive a crisis. You need to acknowledge that bad things are happening that may be affecting your business operations. A popup message on your homepage can show how the coronavirus has been affecting your shipping and manufacturing process.

If you have been experiencing delays in the delivery of your items to your customers, tell them why it’s been taking so long. This is important because your customers have to be aware of what they’re getting into by purchasing items from your store. You do know that many customers want their items to arrive in as fast as two days, right? Go beyond those two days and they are already raising hell via email, DMs, and social media.


What kind of assurance do your customers want to hear from you? They want to know if the items that are being delivered to them have been sanitized. They want to make sure they are safe from the possible infection caused by the virus surviving on surfaces like paper and plastic. A simple message on your website about how you’re disinfecting the items before they are shipped will assure customers that they are safe when handling your items.

You can also send them a personalized email when they placed an order. A personalized email about how you are sanitizing items for delivery will put their minds at ease.