Business flock to agencies offering Lakeland marketing services because of their two needs: web design and content creation and management. While web design can be made through a template on WordPress or GoDaddy, content creation is an altogether different thing. There are no ready-made templates for content on the internet and there’s certainly no formula for creating a stunning content that will attract potential customers to your website.

Instead, content is a long arduous process that takes time, money, energy, effort, and a lot of investment to work. But once relevant content is established and your website starts having followers because of the information they receive from what you post, you will have a better opportunity at increasing web traffic and converting this traffic into sales.

Creating buyer personas

Don’t just get into creating content for your website. What you first need to do is create buyer personas because this will tell you what your intended audience wants to hear and read from your site. This will guide the direction of your content creation. You also need to audit the existing material on your client’s site so you can streamline, repurpose, and reformat it.

Writing content

The process of creating content can be overwhelming for businesses because content creation takes a lot of time. Most businesses will benefit from a mix of blogging, email, social media, and premium content creation. Your previously created buyer personas will help determine the types of content that will fit your audience.

Optimizing content

Content creation is just the tip of the iceberg of Lakeland marketing services. The more important component about the production of content is its optimization for Google. In order for your target market to reach your website and consume the content that you produced, they need first to find your site. They can do this through Google. That is if Google includes your blogs on its search index. Help increase the visibility of the website by using the proper keywords, optimizing the site for different devices, and studying user behavior.

Promoting content

After you have made sure that the content was optimized, you need to promote that content across different channels. You can either post it on social media or send it to your potential clients via email. Again, revisiting the buyer personas will help determine the best approach to reach your audience.

Maintaining content

Stale and outdated content in Lakeland marketing services is worse than not having content at all. When people visit your website and the last post you have there was about a year ago, they will think your business is inactive. Remember that Google loves fresh content. If you want to be on its top result, you need updated content every single time.

Measuring content

The report from Google Analytics, for example, will help you measure what’s wrong with your content and why it isn’t reaching the audience it wants. But to measure success, you also need to define what is success for the business. Is it increase in web traffic? Increase in social engagement? That way, you know what to look for when measuring the results.