Your website is the first thing that your customers will see. Since customers always check the internet today before visiting a store or office, this is your first opportunity to impress them. Thus, your Lakeland web design plays a critical role in growing and advancing your business.

Website Builder

The first thing you had to do—way before this all started—was to choose the right website builder. If you want a sturdy house, you choose the best contractor, right? It’s the same thing with websites. The builder should be easy to use, easy to update, and houses a lot of features that you can use to improve your site. It should provide regular updates, as well as access to tools and widgets that will help make your website stand out.


Update your site regularly. If web visitors found content there written five years ago, what will they think of your company? Even if it’s not something major (and even if you have already shared them on your social media pages), put them up on your website. You don’t want your customers to think that your products are out of stock or you have closed your business for good.


Once in a while, give your Lakeland web design a makeover. Whether it’s updating the images or formatting text errors, these give the website a “new look.” Be careful with changing the tone, colors, and theme of the site, too, because these elements speak of your brand. You may check it for broken links. Check also the navigation bars, headers, images, and logos.


Your content—in the form of blogs, videos, images, and even podcasts—says a lot about your company. Does it connect to your potential customers? Before you publish any content, take the time to proofread. Don’t publish any content without first reading or watching it. If you are going to use facts on your content, link back to a credible source. Always, always make sure your content is credible.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the standard for all websites. Without it, Google won’t even index your site. Customers won’t find your site even if they searched using the keywords and phrases associated with your website. SEO will help deliver a consistent flow of traffic to your website.

Social Media

You have to reach other people to make sales. The Lakeland web design isn’t enough for that. You need other avenues, and that’s where social media becomes relevant. Social media is the top source of web traffic for many websites. It could even be more valuable than search engines. Imagine that.