Lakeland web design has changed in so many ways in the past years. But the basics of web design remain the same—cohesion, clarity, and user experience. New and professional web designers should know that user experience is the main priority of all web designs. A poorly-designed website will leave customers confused and frustrated. They won’t likely visit your website again.

A web designer needs to have a good eye for design. So, what are the things that beginners must remember when designing a website?

Use No More Than 3 Fonts

You need to use only three fonts to create a cohesive look for your website. The more fonts you use, the messier the site will look. Stick to no more than three fonts. At the most, your header should have a different font from the body of the text and the call-to-action. Of course, your logo should have a separate font, though it will also look better if you can use the same fonts.

Choose a Color Tone

Don’t include a ton of different colors. Set a color scheme but make sure that the call-to-action button is a different color. The web visitors should be able to recognize the CTA button as soon as they land on the page. Make sure the color of the CTA button will pop out on the page. If your website has a primary color, choose two to three complementary colors.

Utilize White Space

How can you make the Tampa web design stand out? You need a neutral space for that. This is the use of white space. It helps make the design elements stand out. Think of your own home. Don’t try to fill the space with a mix and match of colors. For the furnishing or furniture to stand out, the walls need to be in a neutral tone. The same principle applies to web design.

Learn About the Grid System

The grid system balances your site. it makes sure that every block, button, and section is aligned perfectly. This will make a big difference in your web design. You need to make sure that every element is aligned in the grid.

Design With Mobile in Mind

For your website to be effective, it needs to be designed specifically for mobile. You should make the website responsive, so it will adjust according to the screen size of the web visitors. This is the most important web design tip every beginner should know.

Break Up Text

When writing content for the web, use subheadings. This will make it more comprehensible for the readers. Breaking up the text will make it more scannable for web visitors. If they don’t want to read the full text, they can at least decide to read only the parts that they need through the subheadings.

Make Easy Navigation

Whether you have a beginner, intermediate, or advanced knowledge about Tampa web design, it is very important to prioritize the navigation elements of the website. Simply making the logo clickable (so it will lead visitors to the homepage) is a huge help for web visitors.