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5 Tips For Using Images Effectively On Tampa Web Design | Brightsky Web Design

Website administrators would focus on the use of images on their Tampa web design. But without knowing the principles that govern the use of web design, using images on your website could do more harm than good.

Here are the five things you need to remember when using images effectively for your website design:


The images should serve a purpose—whether to introduce a concept or to raise brand awareness. This is why generic photos should be a no-no on web design. The images you use should add value to the textual content. If the images and text are not related to each other, the viewers and readers won’t be able to connect these two elements. It is a waste of white space to use an unrelated image on your website’s content.


If you are selling a product that will be introduced to the market for the first time, it is better to demonstrate and show on the photo how it is used and how it can be of help to the potential buyer. A 500-word article won’t be as effective as a single image showing all the features of the product.


Not many know this, but the position of your image will also determine its effectivity. Your image should be facing the text. If your image contains a person, that person should be facing, looking, or pointing at the main message of the web content. This is important because when viewers look at the image, they will automatically follow the way the image is pointing or looking at.

Smiling Subject

Happy images will do well for your Tampa web design. If you want to attract potential clients to your website, you may want to check if your photos are eliciting positive feelings from the web visitors. There’s only one way to do this: use a smiling person on the image that will be posted on the website. Often, this will have a positive effect on visitors.


But all of these techniques are of no use if the images are not optimized for the web. Optimization means reducing the file size of the images (60% of a webpage is composed of images) and using the alt text to contain keywords and key phrases that will bring the page higher on the search engine results page. It is a simple process that will bring life to your website.