Lakeland web designStudies have shown that visitors spend an average of eight seconds on a site before deciding whether to stay or just leave. It means that your Lakeland web design has exactly eight seconds to impress the visitors. So, a good first impression is in order.But what does it take for a web design to have a good impression on a visitor? Find out here how you can make your website’s visitor stay. After all, you only have one chance and eight seconds to do it.

Company description

A potential client visits your website because he wants to know more about what your company offers. Include a brief description of what your company does and what it offers. The keyword here is brief. Your homepage is not the place where you can write the company’s history and founders. That information will be left off for the About Us page.

Featured products

On your homepage, it is better to feature a few important products and services. They should be either the most recent or the most popular. Try to limit the number of featured products, though, because you certainly don’t want to overload visitors with your products and services. Besides, it doesn’t make sense to have a products or services webpage anymore if you already posted everything on your homepage. You can do this through a bullet format. A short bullet-point is always the best for a homepage.

News and events

Posting recent news and updates on your homepage will prove that your website is up-to-date. When a news or event is finished, make sure to remove this from your homepage. Otherwise, it can create a bit of confusion for your visitors. Just make sure that the news section does not take a lot of space. You can show teasers of news and events, and when the visitor clicks on them, it will lead them to another link.

Customer interaction

How can you prove that your Lakeland web design has credibility? You can do so by partnering with well-known customers, blogs, and company websites. You may also want to include call-to-action buttons to get a response from your clients.


Create a homepage visual that will be attractive to your customers. Make sure that your homepage speaks about the theme of your company, though never exceed the limit of your website’s file capacity. Doing so would slow down your site and may create lags.