Have you ever heard of a website being penalized by search engines such as Google? There are a lot of reasons why a site can be penalized. Mainly, it has to do with the way your Tampa web design is structured, as well as the content on your site. If you don’t want to go through the struggle of being penalized, you have to remember to avoid these five things:

Domain Has a Bad Rep

If you purchased a domain, you may not know that it has a bad reputation. Its history could push Google to penalize the website even if you don’t know anything about such history. This will cause problems once you start building a website or blog around the domain name. This is what your target customers will remember about your website. If this is a dead-end for you, consider buying a new domain name than try to correct the current one’s bad rep.

Content Theft

You don’t steal content. That’s good. But how sure are you someone isn’t stealing yours? There is no way for Google to recognize which website published the original version of the content. This is a big problem for web owners because to remove the duplicated content, the web owner has to file multiple DMCA takedown notices or pursue the other site owners in court. You can also try asking Google to remove the stolen content if you were the one flagged down as a duplicate.

Too Many Ads

Advertising is okay as long as it remains secondary to your main content. If the ads are dominating the main page’s content already, then Google can penalize your site. Your Tampa web design shouldn’t be dominated by ads. The content should still be the highlight of your website.

Content Farm

Are you buying content from a farm? These farms have low-quality content. They are poorly-researched and poorly-written. It would do your website no good to publish these content. Google will recognize the irrelevant and bad content on your site, and penalize you for them.

Quick Fixes

Someone could come to you and say that they have a solution to getting your website on top of the search results ranking. If your site is penalized, someone can even claim to have the technique to remove the penalty. You may be getting into more trouble than if you just do the steps to correct the mistakes on your Tampa web design.