People spend approximate 5.5 hours each day watching videos on social media. If you are not tapping that huge number, you are missing out a lot and your Lakeland internet marketing strategies are bound to suffer. Videos are one of the best ways to reach your target market. With over four billion people watching videos on YouTube and Facebook daily, it’s no surprise the marketers feel a need to incorporate video into their marketing strategies.

And yes, you should, too. This year, videos will comprise 80% of all internet traffic. Excluding mobile viewers, there are an estimated 1.9 billion viewers worldwide this year. That’s a pretty huge market, right? So, learn about these amazing video marketing tools for Lakeland internet marketing and exploit all their features to produce better video content.


If you are an aspiring vlogger or photographer, this video tool is made specifically with you in mind. Animoto can help grow your business with its features such as incorporating your logo as a watermark on the video and photos, creating slideshow videos for your portfolio, and providing dozens of templates for you to easily create marketing videos. What’s more is it also offers countless fonts, colors, stock photos, and music.

Common Craft

Common Craft is perfect for beginners. It can edit videos directly recorded on the app. It also allows you to edit the video and add animation and sound before you need to purchase anything. Evaluating the video first before having to pay for anything saves a lot of money.


Probably one of the most innovative video-producing tools out there, Filmora can make interactive videos with ease. That will allow you to engage with your viewers. It also has other great features that allow you to adjust the effects, brightness, colors, rotation, and speed of the videos. You can create dramatic video effects.


Previously called GoAnimate, Vyond allows you to make animated videos for your Lakeland internet marketing. If you don’t have the time to shoot a video with actual actors you need to hire and take care of, Vyond is the best video marketing tool you can use. You can add dialogues to your characters with the lip-sync feature. It has a rich library of sounds, props, and templates.


If you’re more into photos, Picovico is the tool for you. This will allow you to create beautiful videos out of the photos you have in your library. It also allows you to add text and music to make the videos more meaningful and effective.