The idea behind a responsive Orlando web design is that the elements and layout of a page should adjust depending on the device from where a web user is browsing your website. It is such a simple complex but many website managers still fail to see the practicality in making their web designs responsive. The concept itself has existed for decades, but it is only in the mid-2000s when this has become so apparent that web developers and marketers began using a site’s design for promotion.

Today, the more accessible your website is for mobile users, the higher the possibility of your site getting web traffic, increasing conversions, reducing bounce rates, and boosting revenue.

More Web Traffic

Currently, more than half of website traffic worldwide comes from mobile users. This has been the case since 2015 when it has been increasingly important for companies to design and optimize their websites for mobile use. While some companies still choose to have two separate versions of their websites, more and more companies are picking responsive design as the norm.

Lower Cost

Creating a responsive website instead of two separate versions for mobile users and desktop users is more economical. It has a faster mobile development that saves considerable time and money. You’ll even save on maintenance costs and configuration fees of two different versions of the same website.

Faster Loading

Mobile users have a short attention span. They want pages to load as fast as three seconds. The most time that they would wait for an Orlando web design to load is between five and 10 seconds. Mobile visitors tend to abandon websites that could not load their pages faster than five seconds. That’s being conservative. Some experts put this number at three seconds. Once you annoy and frustrate your customers, they might not even come back to check your site.

Lower Bounce Rate

This is one of the things that a business owner should be aiming for. You should want your site to have a low bounce rate. This means your web users have such an amazing experience browsing your website that they choose to stay and not close the browser immediately. A high bounce rate is a no-no. That’s a result of not having a relevant and engaging website. It means the web visitors did not find anything interesting on your website.

Higher Conversion Rate

A low bounce rate is half the battle. The other half has something to do with your conversion rate. Unless your customers had a great experience browsing your site and finding what they need, they will not purchase products or subscribe to services. You want them to have a great time with the Orlando web design. Otherwise, this is a tell-tale sign for them that they should leave.