Lakeland web designCredibility and ownership are just two things that having your own domain name will make you feel about your Lakeland web design. These two things alone should compel you to have your very own domain name. this will create an identity for your business in cyberspace. The feeling that you get once you have a registered domain name is the same one you feel when you get your hands on a title of a property or even a registration of your very own car.

Finally, this thing is yours. You can do with it whatever you want and hopefully, it will help you achieve what your ultimate goal is. A domain name is like a business card—it will reveal details about your business and it builds a lasting first impression for anyone who visits your site.

If you want your presence to be felt on the internet, you should have a domain name that speak volumes about your business. Never be contented with simply having a domain name after your company name. Make sure that your URL address will attract not only your target market, but way beyond that.

Choose a .com extension

A .com extension is the standard and the norm. People are used to typing .com after a company name in the hopes that they will land on the right page. Most people assume that a website will end with a .com extension. In fact, 75% of all websites have a .com extension. That says a lot about how .com extension makes businesses feel more credible.

Pick a memorable domain name

Make sure that your domain name is easy to remember. Your domain name is your brand name. It will leave a lasting influence on your company. If your domain name is hard to remember (if it consists of a lot of vowels or double letters), it may be hard for potential customers to remember. If they cannot remember the domain name, how are they going to type it on the URL address.

Have relevance

A domain name should not only reflect the name of your company, it should also reflect what your company is selling. You can do a little research on how your domain name impacts potential customers. You can survey a group of 100 people and ask them to guess the purpose of the company based only on the domain name.

Easy to spell

Your domain name must be easy to spell. Don’t use names that are commonly misspelled and hyphenated names. If your domain name should have a number, make sure to purchase also the one with the number spelled out (for example, frozenice1 and frozeniceone).