Having a custom web design made for your business website is a choice that many business owners have. A custom design costs more than a templated one, and some find it difficult to justify the cost. However, you’ll find that the level of customizability you have in a custom web design is worth the extra cost. So if you’ve made the decision to have a custom design done for your website, you may feel the urge to offer your own output and go wild with the design.

After all, this is your website, and you’re paying to have it customized exactly the way you want it, right? However, the number one rule when it comes to designing a website is that you don’t create or design a website according to what the designer wants, or even what the website owner wants. At the end of the day, the person whose opinion matters the most is the user. You may feel the urge to go overboard with your design, but it’s highly recommended that you go the simple route for your design, and here are some reasons to explain why.

Better conversion rate

A simple web design can do wonders for your website. A cluttered website looks unappealing to visitors, but above everything else, it makes it hard for users to see anything that’s going on in the site. By sticking with a simple web design, you’re allowing users the chance to focus more on the content that’s on your website, giving the opportunity to better understand it, which results in a much higher conversion rate as opposed to a more cluttered website.

You’re not limited by design trends that come and go

Some website owners want the latest on their websites in terms of web design. It is important to make sure that your website looks modern and appealing, otherwise, users will find it hard to trust a website that looks outdated. However, if you’re the type to follow design trends as they come and go, you’ll find yourself paying for site revisions on a regular basis, which eventually ends up becoming more costly. A simple, clean, and professional custom web design is timeless, and will always look great, no matter what web design trends are currently hot.

Faster page load speed

A very simple reason why a simple web design is best for your business is that fewer design elements on your page means that your page will take quicker to load. Page load speed is a very important factor taken into account in site ranking, so every element on the page must be optimized for a faster loading speed. Having fewer elements on the page helps reduce the amount of optimization that has to be done and guarantees that you still have a great looking website.