Different typefaces evoke different emotions in us. Think of what you read every day from billboards, ad signs, emails, text messages, news articles, and even office signs. The job of a Lakeland website design expert is much like the job of an advertiser—to persuade the viewers to purchase a product or a service. If you didn’t know that a typeface can have a big role in the decision of a consumer, then you’re in the wrong industry. Every web designer knows that font faces are also a kind of investment, which is why some website owners even purchase a complete font package to use for their websites.

There was one psychological study done on a group of people who were shown two editions of The New Yorker. One was with a poorly designed layout and the other one was a well-designed layout. The study found out that the bad design evoked negative emotions in the readers while a good design took less time to read and evoked a stronger sense of clarity because the information was comprehended easily.

Now that we’re clear on the importance of fonts in your Lakeland website design, let’s study the different typeface that you can use.

Individual typefaces can either be fun or expressive. These fonts are not the most practical to use but if you want to ensure the readability of your Lakeland website design, you need to choose the most appropriate fonts for the job.


Serif fonts like Times New Roman, Garamond, and Georgia all have little lines of “feet” called serifs attached to the ends of their letters. These are the most traditional and serious type of font face and they can be used on formal letters and even on the typography of a bank or a financial institution.

Sans Serif

These fonts have no little feet or serifs, but they can also come across as formal and professional. The name literally means “without serif.” Examples include Arial, Helvetica, and Verdana. They are more streamlined and modern and thus, you can use them in the text of a blog post or an article posted on the website.


Script fonts were designed to resemble the classical handwriting. They are fun and casual and may even look elegant at times. Yellowtail is an example of fun and casual while Edwardian Script is an example of a formal script. You can use these fonts for wedding invitations and other formal types of non-advertisement materials.


These fonts are designed to grab the reader’s attention. They are not always practical, though, and they may not be the most readable of fonts. Use them for the call-to-action buttons and for billboards and other types of ads.