You know what we’re talking about. Back in the 1990s, it was Lucida Handwriting. Now, the font styles have evolved and we now have Edwardian Script, French Script, Freestyle Script, and many others. If you are building a Lakeland website design, you know by now that the varying range of fonts available can get confusing at times, even to the best web designers out there.

It’s not always that we get to see websites use the script and cursive fonts for their design. Most web designers choose to go with standard fonts—serif and sans serif—so that the website will be easier for most people to read and understand. But if you want to bring more of your brand’s personality to your website, you can diverge from the usual fonts being used and choose something that can help define your brand.

However, be careful when identifying your brand with a specific font design. Remember that people will remember your company based on the logos and the fonts that you use for your website. At times, they may even remember the fonts more than what was written. People are highly visual and they depend more on what they see than what they read. They remember how the website looks like, but they can forget what it contained.

A blog post can be remembered based on the number of images, videos, animations, etc. that it contains. A reader can also remember how beautiful or elegant the font face used but barely remember what was written. That’s because most people choose to see than read. They comprehend more when they see an object rather than read what it means.

You can use the cursive fonts for your website or your logo when your business is about dainty things like makeup or baby stuff or wedding services. You can be as elegant as you want to be in using a cursive font and nobody would fault you for it. You need to make sure, however, that the cursive font you choose is one that’s comprehensible because a lot of fonts, the Edwardian Script, for example, fall into the category of almost unreadable. That is, it means that when the font size gets too low, it’s hard for the common person to read what was written using the script.

Always be on the lookout for new cursive fonts or you can make one for yourself if you want to use this typeface for your Lakeland website design. It makes a website looks charming, elegant, and dainty. Just make sure this is the “personality” that you want your brand to be.