Consumers don’t actually hate all kinds of advertisements and internet marketing campaigns. They react favorably to it and in some cases, they are actually enablers of these different types of marketing. For example, consumers are particularly welcoming to recommendations from people they know, as well as from strangers and distant acquaintances. That means word-of-mouth and of online reviews are still effective strategies to lead your target audience to your business.

However, there are some things that you might be doing that might be affecting the overall success of your internet marketing. When you see through your analytics that consumers tend to react negatively to your digital campaign, it might be because you’re doing one of these things:

The ads are creepy

What do we mean by creepy? So, you’re navigating a site and then an ad suddenly pops up on your screen. Sure, that’s a common thing these days but wait… why does it have your name and your zip code? Why is this ad too personalized for your own liking? Filled-up forms and personalized ads can become the boon of your business’ existence. As much as we like to see ads customized according to our needs, there’s something creepy and weird about a pop-up ad randomly knowing your area’s zip code.

The ads are excessive and annoying

If your ads keep on popping up every time your web visitor clicks on a link and wants to open up a page, that is annoying and a tad bit excessive. By visiting your website, most consumers would have already allowed the site to cookie them and know their location. That should be enough opportunity for you to reach out to them in the future. Don’t keep bugging their web experience by popping up ads to their face every time they land on a new page. That will just push them away to visit a site less annoying than yours.

The ads are almost unstoppable

Most internet users have pop-up ad blockers activated in their computer. Now, they are wondering why these blockers don’t work against your ads. While we are resigned to the fact that ads are a part of the internet business and we cannot, therefore, avoid them, those that are constantly popping up on their screens and affecting their browsing experience might be doing themselves more harm than good.

The ads are poorly done

A large portion of internet users believes some of these internet marketing ads are poorly done. It feels that the ads are not polished or don’t look professional. Many also said that the ads they see online are insulting their intelligence and can be a bit condescending, so the tone of your ads is important to convey your company’s message.