They say that a first meeting can make or break a project or a future working relationship. When it comes to a Lakeland website design, we should definitely be pickier compared to how we are to the rest of our suppliers? Why? Your website is your brand’s presence online and we all know the statistics—that more than 76% of Americans have access to or have accessed the internet in 2016.

That number of people has got to be your business’ target market. No matter under what geographic they fall, they shouldn’t be merely a statistic. Rather, they are your target audience. You want to have access to this audience. You want to reach out to them. You want to sell a product, a service, an idea, etc. But in order to do that, your business needs a presence online that will encourage clients to ask questions, inquire, purchase, recommend, and support.

Everything begins with your website design, which is why it’s important for you as a business owner to establish a good working relationship with your web designer. Then again, a good working relationship begins during that first meeting with the contractors.


It’s one thing to get stuck in traffic and not get to the meeting place in time. It’s another thing completely to arrive an hour late in a t-shirt, khaki shorts, and rubber shoes. Sure, we don’t want to stereotype people and most designers are more comfortable working in their casual wear but the first meeting with a potential client? You want to impress that client. You want to let that client know that you are serious about doing business with him and that you are the right company for the job. If you arrive late and in your home clothes, you would look unprofessional, disorganized, and not at all the right contractor for the project.


There has to be a lot of communication between the clients and the designers. There should be a thorough understanding of what the business owner wants the website to achieve and how the designers will go about that idea. Open communication will help foster a healthy working relationship. The clients will get to see how the designers work and the designers will receive the support that they need from their Lakeland website design clients.

Realist and idealist

While we all strive to reach the ideas we set forth for our Lakeland website design, the truth is that there’s nothing ever perfect in this world. No matter how much we try to create the perfect website with zero mistakes, things are bound to happen and we may have to compromise on some of the elements that we like to have. Learn to listen to your designers and know when to back down from a plan that is truly and absolutely impossible. At the same time, aim higher for your website. Even with a limited budget, make the most out of your money and skills.