Companies and organizations have been using video production for their Lakeland web design for many years but these videos have never been as important as they are now. We’re seeing more and more videos on websites because they are cheap to produce, quick to share, and easy to measure. While it’s easy is to say, “we need a video for our website,” the real question is this: “what should the video be about?”

There are basically four kinds of videos we see on the website: the background video, the about us video, video loops, and cinemagraphs.

Many websites now use background videos to connect more with web visitors. You can typically find background videos within the top banner of a website or behind the header of the Lakeland web design. There is no audio to the video that typically lasts between 30 and 60 seconds in length. Background videos have the ability to connect visitors with your team and your culture, showcase your products and services, give visitors a glimpse of what you do, and entertain the audience while they are browsing your site and making purchase decisions, hopefully.

A website’s about us page will tell visitors what the company is and what it does but is there anything better than being able to show visitors just what it is that your business provides? Your video can showcase your company within two to four minutes. There should be on-camera interviews with the founders of the company, the people behind the organization, and even the employees who are investing their skills in the products and services the company offers. Voice-overs would do well, too, but there’s always something personable with seeing actual people on screen.

Some websites also use video loops to increase visitor engagement for the site. A video loop is certainly not a background video on the Lakeland web design nor an about us video. What it does is to involve the personal touch of a team member and show some behind-the-scenes actions from your organization. The intention of a video loop is to showcase the personality of your website, add a subtle motion to your site (because people are naturally attracted to motion), provide a short behind-the-scenes glimpse of the organization, and allow visitors to connect with the team. These videos are simple to produce because all you need is a green screen or white background.

Lastly, cinemagraphs have the power to draw the attention of the web visitors to where you want it. Adding a touch of motion to the screen will attract the interests of visitors and it will encourage them to stay a little bit longer on the website. It also shows visitors what they can do on your site.