In an age where it is so easy to create content out of clickbait and spam, online trust is something that has to be earned from online users. Because of how easy it is to spread the wrong kind of information online, more and more users have become wary of sites that they do not absolutely trust. For website owners, this is something that they have to work on if they want to maintain decent website metrics. One way to build trust with your site visitors is through your Lakeland website design.

As soon as a user visits your site and sees something that seems out of the ordinary, they will definitely click out of your site, never to be visited again. Because of this, it’s very important that a website’s design conveys a feeling of trustworthiness to the user when they see it for the very first time. Here are some things that you can include in your website design that gives off the impression that you’re a website that can be trusted.

Security certificates

For websites that handle sensitive user information like bank accounts and credit card information, this is something that you definitely need to have. It doesn’t take much to set up security certificates for your website and the results of this can go a really long way. One of the most common ways of doing this is by upgrading your security certificate to HTTPS. If your website doesn’t have this, the browser will alert the user accessing the site and tell them that it isn’t a secure website. Make sure that your website is secure enough that your users feel safe entrusting you with their information.

Social proof

Social proof is a very powerful tool now more than ever. Because more website owners understand the importance of social proof, you may find that reviews and customer testimonials are becoming an integral part of any website that offers products and services. Customers and users are more likely to trust a business or a website if they have good social proof on their website or social media. This is because social proof shows them that they have had a good experience transacting with this particular business or website.

Clean design

Of course, a clean Lakeland website design is a very important part of getting users to trust in you. A cluttered and messy website design will definitely cause users to not want to trust your site. The reason behind this is because cluttered designs make looks sites look old, and as a result, less trustworthy.