Whether you’re a web designer or a website owner, there’s a very good chance that you’ve heard of a responsive Lakeland web design. You’re probably heard about it enough times to ask yourself, “does my website need a responsive web design? If it does, why?”.
We’re just going to make it easier by answering the first of your questions outright. Yes, you definitely need as responsive web design. To respond to your second question, continue reading on below, and we’ll outline the reasons why a responsive web design is in your best interests, despite the extra work. Before we get into that, we’ll explain first what a responsive web design is.
Simply put, a responsive web design “responds” to the kind of device the user is browsing the website on, and adapts accordingly. If you have an effective responsive web design, there should be no problems with reading content and browsing your website on a smaller or bigger screen, and nothing is taken away from the overall user experience just because you changed devices.
Now that you understand what responsive web design is, here are the reasons why your website definitely needs a responsive web design.
Mobile users take up a majority of online users
The biggest reason why you should have a responsive web web design is that more than half of online users are on mobile. That means that you risk losing out on this huge portion of the market if you don’t implement a responsive web design. Everything from online sales to social media marketing is significantly based on mobile users, so you want to include this demographic when creating your web design.
A responsive web design also helps with your site’s SEO. Since your site is more responsive, this means your website’s load time is optimized, and navigation is more user friendly. This all adds up to better site statistics because your website is providing your users with a better user experience. Google also ranks mobile friendly websites more favorably on their SERPs.
It is easier to create a responsive web design rather than having to create a separate site for desktop and mobile
Before responsive Lakeland web design was a thing, site owners just made a separate website for mobile and desktop. While this is effective, it takes more time, and is more expensive. A responsive web design helps by needing only one site that can be accessed on all platforms with no extra cost.