Some people may assume that Lakeland web design is the same as graphic design, since they share similarities in the world of design. However, just because they utilize similar tools and principles, it is important not to mistake one for the other. However, when it comes down to it, the two concepts differ in significant ways. Here are the ways that the world of web design is different from the world of graphic design.
Web design requires elements of interaction within its design
It’s not secret that both graphic and web design operate on two different mediums. While they use a lot of the same tools, the outcome is very different. One of the primary differences between the two is mainly the fact that the output of web design is very dynamic. Graphic design relies heavily on the visual impact and concept of the final product.
On the other hand, web design requires that they take into account user experience and interaction within their designs. The main difference with this point is the concept of interaction of users with design. Overall, web design is a very dynamic form of design, as opposed to the more visual impact that graphic designers need as the foundation of their designs.
File size is something to worry about
With graphic design, artists are allowed to let their file sizes be as large as possible, as long as they or the clients have the resources to put it on paper. On the other hand, web designers have to constantly work to keep their file sizes at a minimum for maximum site optimization. All of the elements of a web design must be kept as small as possible, because large file sizes can compromise the amount of time that it takes for a site to load.
Web designers have to worry about different screen sizes for their designs
Similar to how web design utilizes a different medium with the requirement of interaction in their design, another thing that differentiates them from graphic designers is the requirement of adaptation to different screen sizes. Responsive web design is a very important trend in web design nowadays, and failing to do so may result in lost customers. Graphic designers simply design for the medium that is needed of them, whether it’s a specific size of canvas, or a length of banner without having to worry about how it converts to another medium.
Graphic designers are allowed to be as creative as possible with their work
While web designers are allowed a modicum of creativity in their work, they are hindered by the requirements of web design and user experience. On the other hand, graphic designers are allowed to let their creativity break free and are only limited by what exactly the client wants.