Creating the different elements of your Lakeland web design is a lot more nuanced than finding what elements look good. Web design is the perfect example of the saying “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”. The final product of your web design makes more of an impact compared to the individual attractive elements that make up your design.

With this in mind, plenty of web designers make use of visual hierarchy to help draw users’ eye to specific information or bring to attention certain elements on the website. So to help you out, here is an overview on how visual hierarchy can be used by web designers in order to streamline the users’ browsing experience.

What is visual hierarchy?

First and foremost, let’s talk about what exactly visual hierarchy is. Visual hierarchy is the arrangement and presentation of visual elements according to their importance. This helps draw the eye to elements that hold the most importance, which helps streamline the browsing process for users.

For eCommerce websites, this is especially useful, as it helps shoppers carry out the checkout process more efficiently. Another upside to having a visual hierarchy is that you are guaranteed to have good UX if this is carried out well.


Size is a common way of establishing visual hierarchy within a website. Designers often make more important elements larger than the ones in the surrounding area to draw the users’ eye to them. It is a simple, yet effective way of establishing the importance of a certain element.

However, it’s important to remember to not overwhelm the page with the larger element, as you might take up too much space on the page, giving off a cluttered look, which defeats the purpose.


Colors are another popular method of establishing visual hierarchy in your web design. By using brighter and more striking colors in certain elements, you are capable of getting users to see this specific element first.

You can also use color psychology to establish certain tones and moods with specific elements and text. This subconsciously gives users the impression that this specific element is significant.


You can also establish visual hierarchy through the layout that you use in your site design. Using something as simple as grids helps establish the fact that certain elements are meant to be grouped together.

Using a clear cut layout system also allows for a cleaner, more straightforward Lakeland web design, which makes for a more efficient design structure.