The world of Lakeland website design has come up with trends and ideas today that would have been considered virtually unheard of when the Internet and the first websites were created. Many websites exist nowadays that make use of concepts usually found in art. One of these concepts is balance, and how it works as a whole to provide an interesting depth to your overall design.
Everyone knows that good balance makes for a visually appealing design. This is why the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio is said to produce visually appealing patterns that naturally draw the human eye. In web design, balance creates an effect that makes use of both white space and the other elements of the design and balances the two. If you make good use of balance within your web design, the eye of the viewer is naturally drawn to the aspect of the design you wanted them to see first. The best way to achieve that effect is through the use of asymmetric balance.
There are two types of balance, and both can be utilized in however way that you see fit: symmetrical, and asymmetrical balance. Symmetrical balance is the more conventional type of balance, where everything is equally distributed across the page. It presents a cleaner and more equal look, which presents a sense of formality and order to the entire thing. In web design however, it is quite difficult to achieve a sense of perfect symmetry, and should ideally, be done for very minimalistic and single-purpose websites, like the Google search engine, and login pages.
Asymmetrical balance, on the other hand, absence of symmetry. Because perfect symmetry is bound to constrain the designer, and provides a very clean, almost sterile look, it makes it difficult to make it visually appealing to customers and visitors. Asymmetrical balance helps provide that sense of humanity to web design, and gives it that thing that makes it appealing to websites’ customer base.
Asymmetry can be used to grab the attention of site visitors to a specific element on the page, such as your website’s call to action. There are a number of ways that this effect can be achieved. For example, differently sized elements is naturally asymmetrical, and when used strategically, can be used to draw the eye to the more important elements of the design. You can even contrast large images with text, in order to draw emphasis, which still providing an interesting sense of balance to the overall effect.
There is no end to the number of ways that balance can be utilized in your Lakeland website design. If used properly, it can lend a wonderful visual impact, or provide the right tone that you need to appeal to your customers and your users.