User experience is a very important factor that many web designers have to consider when creating a Lakeland website design. User experience is how users interact with and experience your site’s overall design. When creating a website design, designers usually strive to provide a satisfying and intuitive experience for their users. When it comes to improving your website, there are many ways to go about this.
You can either have the option to overall the entire site’s design, or you can improve the site design by tweaking a few things here and there. Because UX is such an important aspect to any site, jus adding a few tricks here and there can already improve the overall quality of your website. To help you out, here are some UX tricks that you can use to improve your website design.
Color palette
Avoid making use of too many colors on your website. The current trend in web design nowadays include a more minimalist web design, which involves less clutter, fewer distracting elements, and more relevant information being available to the user. With this trend is the minimalist color palette. Users are more likely to respond to sites that make use of about two or three colors that work and blend well together.
Make sure your site’s copy is clean
Take a look at your site’s copy and make sure that it is compelling, concise, and that the calls to action on your site are clear. Don’t waste words when it comes to headlines and site copy. Get straight to the point and use effective language.
Social proof can make a difference
Visitors and users are more likely to trust a site or a product if there have been previous satisfied customers who have used your service or products. Include customer reviews and product testimonials to give users that sense that they can trust your website because others have used it before with satisfactory results. Also, avoid using stock photos that look too staged on your site. Use a photo that gives off a more authentic feel to your users.
White space is your friend
White space, or negative space is a good way to enhance users’ experience in terms of your written content. While having thorough, well-written content is a good thing for your site, having a large block of text on display is tedious on the eyes, and users may not appreciate that. Break up the text into manageable chunks, and increase the negative space around lines and letters as well, to give them more space to “breathe”.