Any good retail store knows that customer service can make or break a customer’s experience in their stores, which is why they aim to provide the best customer service that they can. For eCommerce sites that lack that element of human interaction, they aim to provide a pleasant customer experience through a well designed User Experience integrated into their Lakeland website design.
It doesn’t matter if you provide the same products and services as the rest of your competitors. If your site can provide customers with a superior user experience, then they are more likely to return to your site to purchase your products. UX can be designed in any number of ways to benefit your eCommerce site.
One of the best ways to help guide customers through their experience is by implementing a live chat support system, which helps add that level of human interaction that many online sites might be lacking. Consumers now prefer the convenience of online shopping, but would like the level of customer service found in retail shopping. Making use of a live chat support combines these two aspects together, and provides another level of experience for the customer.
Another element that you can work with to provide a good UX is the shopping cart. Some customers find something that they like, change their minds halfway through the checkout process, and abandon the shopping cart altogether. You need to work on that aspect and understand why customers aren’t converting up to this point. One thing you can look into is the checkout page. It must be straightforward and easy for the customers to input their information without being overwhelmed, otherwise, they end up feeling frustrated and abandoning the process altogether.
Another aspect of your eCommerce site’s UX that you can look into is the site navigation. Site navigation is one of the most important aspects of any site, not just eCommerce, and can make or break a customer’s online experience. A good site navigation must be intuitive and efficient. It shouldn’t require that the user click through a lot of links just to find the information that they need.
Everything needs to be clear and upfront to the user, including product information and reviews. Customers are less likely to purchase products that they don’t trust, and by not including essential information that they need to make the decision of whether or not to purchase something can result in a lost conversion.
User experience is a very essential aspect of any Lakeland website design, not just for eCommerce sites. However, in eCommerce sites, the customer’s purchases that most important conversion, and user experience can be properly utilized to obtain that conversion.