It has often been said that a picture says a thousand words, and in the world of Lakeland web design, this sentiment holds true more than ever. After all, the very concept of web design involves using visual impact to appeal to users and clients alike. In we design, first impressions are made with visual elements, while content is utilized to getting users to stay. Web designers use many techniques and trends to pull off off this visual impact.
One of the more interesting mediums that designers work into their web designs are photographs. They may seem like simple images that you integrate into your web design, but upon closer inspection, you may find that they can elevate your web design into one that can tell and interesting visual story. A good designer understands the potential of a good photograph and how it can be effectively worked into a web design. Here are some tips to keep in mind to effectively use photography into your web designs.
Understand the contrast
When it comes to using photographs that you integrate into your web design, many examples online will show you that photographs are usually overlaid with some type of text or menu. If you’re going to be doing the same for your own design, make sure that you contrast it properly so that you don’t lose anything from the photograph, and that the text is easily read by users. Light text should be used in a dark photo, and vice versa.
Image quality
Using the right photographs in a web design is a process similar to using other visual elements on your web design. Mainly, the image that you choose must be of high quality to make sure that it can be used to its full effect in your design. Bad quality photos don’t look for your website, and it’ll be difficult to adjust its size if you’re using a photo taken with a phone. Look into investing into a professional photography service who can photograph the shots that you want exactly for you site, and in the best quality.
The photograph must be used strategically and to its full advantage
When choosing a photograph for your site, relevance plays a significant role in how your image is going to convey to your users. While it seems like a no-brainer, you should always choose images that are relevant to you website and the products and images that you are selling. These can also be used as actual site content as well as provide the site visitor with the proper visual context needed for websites that rely heavily on written content.