When it comes to eCommerce sites, the owners of these sites understand that to run a successful business, return customers are very important. From start to finish, the customer’s experience in an eCommerce site must be seamless in order to guarantee that one-time customers become loyal ones. And believe it or not, your Lakeland web design plays a large role in helping that happen.
When you look into it, you’ll find that many dissatisfied customers’ experiences with eCommerce websites is because of the design of the site. From an incoherent checkout process, to vague products descriptions and reviews, there are a lot of web design factors that contribute to the overall satisfaction of a customer. To give you a hand, here are some ways that you can use your web design to retain loyal customers in your eCommerce site.
Many online users are using their smartphones as their primary access points to the Internet. With this in mind, it’s very important that you optimize your websites to meet this demand, whether in the form of a mobile-friendly website, or an application that they can download on to their phones. By providing a mobile option to your customers, you give them the option to access your website whenever they have the free time to do so, instead of having to whip out a desktop just to access your website.
One thing that online customers hate is the vagueness of online shopping. After all, they have to make the decision to spend their money in your site, so if they feel as though they don’t have the adequate information on hand to make this decision, then they will definitely choose to shop somewhere else. To counter this, make the language on your website as clear and as transparent as possible. Product information must be easily seen and accessed, as well as customer reviews that they can use to see others’ reaction to the products.
Be upfront about any extra fees that the customer might have to shoulder as well, like shipping and handling fees. Another reason why customers choose to opt out of finalizing a purchase is because they find that the final total of their purchase is much higher than expected because it wasn’t indicated on the site.
Optimize the checkout experience
Cart abandonment is something that eCommerce sites have to worry about, and part of the reason behind cart abandonment is because of the checkout experience. Make the checkout experience as simple as you can, requiring minimal effort on the customer’s’ end. Make sure that your site’s security is upfront so that customers are more comfortable about using their personal information for your website.