Icons have become such an integral part of our daily lives that in a way, they have become a second language to us. From the Lakeland web design we see on the internet, to iconic restaurants and businesses that we patron on a regular basis, we see icons almost everywhere we turn. Icons have always useful for conveying a message without the need for words. Using an icon must be done properly, otherwise you risk using an icon that is misunderstood by its intended recipients.
The successful use of an icon is characterized by the recognition of the icon, as well as the meaning or the message of the icon being understood. Icons have always been an efficient method of brand recognition, so if done right, then icons can be a powerful tool. Here we discuss more about the usage of icons in your web design.
When choosing to utilize icons in your web design, it can be seen as a risky move. Sometimes when you use an icon to represent something in your website, you do take the risk or non-recognition of that particular icon, which is the opposite effect that you were going for. Especially if you’re designing for an international brand, the meaning of your icon can get lost in translation across cultures, and can easily be misinterpreted.
So when you’re making the decision to use icons in your web design, it’s important to note a few things. Firstly, an icon is best used when it is widely recognized, so avoid using icons that are overly clever, or subtle in their meaning. Try to assume that you’re designing your icon for someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you, and try to think about how they would interpret that icon.
Another thing to note is that if your icon requires to think hard about its meaning, then it’s probably not going to convey its message efficiently. The icon is meant to be as recognizable as possible, so if the meaning of your icon can’t be understood quickly, then you have to think about changing it. It’s also important to keep its design simple to help make that connection faster in the user’s mind.
You should remember to maintain consistency in your icon design to avoid confusing your users. While it would be an interesting style choice to have different icon styles, you may end up confusing and frustrating your users. Maintaining the same style of icon design throughout your entire Lakeland web design makes it easier for users to understand your icons as well as helps increase user experience.