Almost everyone who does anything online has an email address, whether they use it frequently or not. You need an email address for practically anything that you do online. Whether you use the internet for work or for fun, you are going to need an email to do any of this. This is why email marketing services are highly sought after and utilized.

No matter how many social media platforms come and go, email will always be an important part of the online world. If done right, this type of digital marketing strategy can really make a difference in site sales and conversions. Using email marketing services allows you to make a connection with your users, especially if they made the choice to subscribe to your emails. Here are some ways that you can use email marketing to boost website sales.

Responsive design

One of the first things that you should do to increase the effectivity of email marketing is by making sure that the email is compatible with a mobile screen. More than half of online users today are on mobile, and it’s very important that not only should your website be capable of accommodating them, but your email campaigns as well. Mobile users do almost everything through their smartphones, from checking their messages to responding to emails. So if your email campaign isn’t mobile compatible, you risk losing that huge percentage of mobile users.

Make a connection with your users

Email campaigns are different from social media posts in the sense that emails can be personalized to help form a connection with your users. That connection to your users is vital to the success of your email campaign. When you ask your users to sign up for your emails, it is not uncommon to request for information about the user that you can use to tailor your email campaigns to appeal to them. Even something as simple as using the user’s first name in your email marketing can make a world of difference in terms of success rate.

Send email exclusives

You need to incentivize users in order to make signing up for your emails appealing to them. Some companies use email to give subscribers a deal that they wouldn’t be able to get on the website alone. Others give a huge discount for signing up for an email subscription. Email marketing services can also be used for something as simple as keeping users posted on any upcoming events or promotions that they can keep an eye out for.