Animation has come a long way over the recent years. Once thought of simply as a way to bring cartoons to life, it is now being used in Lakeland web design and other aspects of the web. When used correctly, animations have the potential to grab users’ attention and increase conversion rates. Animation is no longer a simple decoration meant to amuse and delight, instead, it has now become a formidable tool in the arsenal of any web designer. Here are some ways animation is used in web design and how it can be properly utilized.
In this world where everything can be provided to users with a click of a button, and attention is easily taken away by the next big hit, animations can play a significant role in getting user’s to pay attention. As a business, you have to do your best to stand out and establish your brand in a way that it is memorable. Using animations that naturally draw the eye is a fun, yet effective way of getting your users’ attention right from the get-go.
This is especially true for your site’s landing page, which acts as the first impression that users will get of your website. If you miss out on grabbing their attention here, you risk missing out on potential conversions and customers.
Animations are also cleverly used to hide site load times. While your site must definitely be optimized in order to deliver the best user experience, you may have certain necessary elements on your page that requires additional time to load, such as a large image or video. Using animations can distract the user from the wait time, and give them something to focus on, instead of staring at a blank screen while waiting for the image to render.
In eCommerce sites, animations can be used to help guide users through the website, providing a fun experience for shoppers that will help increase sales and conversions. Instead of designing an eCommerce page that is straightforward and lends nothing to the user experience, animations can be used to help the shopper through the online shopping experience on your site. You should pay extra attention to the UX nearing the end of the process, as this is where many eCommerce sites experience a significant portion of their bounce rates.
Overall, animations in Lakeland web design can be used to entertain users. By providing a seamless, fun, and interactive experience for your users, you can potentially increase conversion rates, as well as customer loyalty.