One of the biggest things that can be attributed to a site’s success is the users’ trust in that website. Among all of the methods to build trust in your users is the use of social proof in your Lakeland web design. Social proof is a great way to let first time users know about previous clients’ and customers’ experience with your business and website.

Some people scoff at the idea of social proof pages because they seem to do nothing for your Lakeland web design, and add extra pages to your site for no reason. But if you make use of the right kind of social proof and learn how to implement it properly, then it can be a huge boob to your business. Here are some examples of social proof that you can use in your Lakeland web design.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are the most common form of social proof known by users today. Customer testimonials consist of a short description and overview of a particular customer’s experience with your company and website, and whether it was a positive or a negative one. Customers are often encouraged to leave testimonials after they have transacted with a website or business in order to obtain feedback from them. Not only is it a good form of social proof, it also allows the business to see what points they can work on to improve their service.

Case Studies

Case studies are a very effective form of social proof, mainly because of the amount of research and data needed to create just one. Because of the amount of time and effort involved to create a case study, some websites opt out of using this form of social proof. However, if the time and effort is spent on these, it can prove to be very effective. A case study is a report on your business’ interaction with a specific client, from the starting point of your business relationship together, and how your business has benefitted them, whether they saw a growth in sales, clients, and the like.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are similar to customer testimonials in the sense that these are provided by the customers themselves. However, product reviews focus on the quality of the product that they purchased from the website. When users are looking to purchase a product that they’re not familiar with, they want to see what other customers’ experience with the product is. Product reviews help improve the users’ experience and lets them know whether or not the product they’re looking at is what they need, and whether or not it can be trusted.