Do you want to boost your business’ online presence? Do you think an updated Lakeland web design will help you achieve your business goals? Are you currently looking for a web designer? While there are many lists of things that you should look for in a web designer, what is seemingly missing is a list of things to avoid when hiring someone to design your website.

Avoid these four things like a plague. Once you’ve caught a whiff of inexperience and bad reviews, pack your bags and leave the room. There’s no use wasting your time negotiating with a web designer who will only bring problems to your business.

Bad reviews

Thankfully, everything is available on the internet, which means that no matter how small or big you think your business is, people are bound to write reviews about you on social media and online forums. If you cannot find one single review about a web design company, that should count as a negative, too. Maybe that design company doesn’t really exist and you are being hoodwinked out of your money. The moment you caught a whiff of plenty of bad reviews about a design company, forget about trying to contact them and move on to your next target.

Delayed or late response

Ever experienced calling, emailing, and texting someone and receiving nothing in reply? Isn’t it annoying? If that happens during the inquiry stage, then trust that it will happen again during the negotiating phase, the contract signing, and even during the design process itself. Lack of communication is a clear problem in every working relationship. Avoid these companies like a plague and look for someone who can be “bothered” enough to send a reply.


If a web designer is always unavailable, you may want to rethink about hiring him. There are two reasons to why someone can be always unavailable: one, he may be too in-demand that he won’t have time to focus on your project and two, he’s lazy and wants only to meet clients during certain days and time. Both reasons are unacceptable. Even though he is highly experienced, you want someone who can give his 100-percent focus and attention on your website.

Outdated website

How can you hire a Lakeland web design company whose own site has not been updated? How can you trust a company whose branding is falling apart? Before hiring a web design company, check out its website and see for yourself how it was designed and if it follows the golden rules of web design these days—SEO and mobile device optimization.